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They are perfect for by hubby's ingrown toenails

Jul 21, 2013 by Happy Wifey

I ordered the cliche Boston clog in the Dark Brown color for my husband. He has never worn clogs in his life or worn any Birkenstock products for that matter. I am a lifelong lover of both clogs and Birkenstock's products. My husband is a soccer player and often has problems with his feet due to the fact that most soccer players like to wear their soccer boots on the small side because they think it gives them a better feel for the ball...what it really gives them is ingrown toenails. He has been in pain for weeks. I ordered these without telling him because I knew he would take one look at them and say he was not wearing a clog. My theory was that once he put them on he would love them so much it wouldn't matter that it was a Birkenstock clog...that is exactly what happened. He put them on last night when he came home from work and wore them until he went to bed. Then he actually wore them to work today. He loves them. I ordered a size 45 M. He wears a size 11.5 in most shoes. His feet are on the wider side of average and he has a very high instep. The 45 M was perfect for him. I like the Dark Brown color. It is a bit lighter than I thought it would be, but it looked nice with the olive green chinos he wore today.

Nurses Love em

May 17, 2013 by Florence Nightingale

I bought these shoes for my soon to be a Freshwoman daughter. They are all the rage at MERCY, the private, catholic, girls school she will be attending in the fall. At first I was put off by the hefty price tag but I figured 600 girls can't be wrong! The shoes arrived today and my daughter has not taken them off her feet! We opted for the soft footbed clogs for extra comfort for her narrow and sensitive feet.

Don't get the soft footbeds

Apr 29, 2013 by Sandra Menhorn

I recently got my first pair of Birkenstocks with the soft footbed. Previously, I only had the original footbed and broke the original in quickly, with no pain at all. I have plantar fasciitis and was excited to try the softbed out and break them in. I had actually gotten sized in at the Birkenstock Express store to ensure the right fit and the softbed was highly encouraged by the salespeople.

I know many people love the softbed and I don't know what the problem is for me. I have been wearing them for a few weeks now and they are painful (right where the plantars is). They are the right size. I obviously can't return them but I will be ordering another pair with the original footbed. The price was right for these however.

By the way, I know many people dislike Betula by Birkenstock since they don't use real leather and are supposedly lower end, but I never had a problem with them. They lasted 8 years with no re-soling. I bought them by accident since I wanted a second pair of Bostons and I thought they were the same. No pain at all with my plantars and quick break in period. In fact, they were exactly like the regular footbed Boston Birkenstock and I couldn't tell the difference when wearing them or my Bostons.

I will update my review in a few months to see if they will break in more and give me the comfort I have come to expect from Birkenstock.

Vicky the Happy Girl

Apr 29, 2013 by Vicktoria Smith

I received a pair of these as a gift and was a little leery of wearing them since I have chronic low back pain. But I decided to try them one day and I was amazed at how much better my back felt when wearing them. I have two ruptured discs in my back and even the Croc's and Air Jordan's that I tried didn't help very much. With my Birkenstocks I'm able to go out and do my shopping and my back doesn't hurt. They have been a lifestyle saver as before I got these I could only walk for short periods of time due to my back pain. I just cannot say enough good things about them. I have now bought a second pair and even after I have my back surgery I will continue to wear these. If you have back, foot, or leg pain give these a try. The more you wear them the better they feel. The leather gets softer as you wear them and they hold up very well with everyday use. I've also had a lot of compliments on these. They look great with jeans or even dressier pants. If you have a lot of back pain try these. You will be as surprised as I was at how much better you will feel. 207-482-3768 12 Beech Rd Standish ME, 04084 USA 4.8 5.0 4 4 I ordered the cliche Boston clog in the Dark Brown color for my husband. He has never worn clogs in his life or worn any Birkenstock products for that matter. I am a lifelong lover
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